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Harvest 2012
Beulah Temple Harvest 2012

The Sabbath School department held its annual Harvest on Sunday, August 26, 2012. The members of the church brought their homegrown produce and homemade goodies for sale. Those who were unable to grow anything brought purchased items to add to the sale. The money raised was placed in a special 'Brother's Keepers' fund to help the poor and needy.

Beginning in the spring, many of the members have grown their produce in gardens either in their front-yard or back-yard. Others have grown their produce in pots. The children and youth enjoyed gardening with their parents. Some of the produce grown are tomato, sweet pepper, egg-plant, cucumber, calaloo, and squash. Other produce like pineapple, banana, avocado, corn, cane, and water coconut were purchased and brought to the harvest for reselling.

Lots of Caribbean delights like coconut bun, fish-cake, saltfish & bake, curry & roti prepared by members of the church were on sale also. The members of the community and other churches were invited to the sale.