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Back-to-School Banquet
The Children's Ministry department held its annual Back-to-School banquet on the lawns of the church on Sunday, September, 2011. During the banquet the Children's Ministry Director, Gillian Semple and Pathfinder Area Coordinator, Sherma Baptiste presented school supplies to over fifty children from the Bayview Houses.The children received a packet with filler paper, notebooks, folders, colored pencils/crayons, pencil case, pencils, pens, sharpener and erasers. 

Before the school supplies were distributed Pastor Corben Crew  spoke to the  parents and children who attended the banquet about the love of Jesus. Then Adventurer Director Shekira Baptiste prayed for the children. After the children happily received their supplies, they and their parents continued to enjoy the evening, fellowshiping with each other in the open air while they were being served with snacks.